MARY, CORNWALL - For Confidence

"I'm now keen to participate in all kinds of social events that previously would have caused me to be nervous. I would recommend Solution Focused hypnotherapy because it benefitted me immensely. The only downside of the experience is that my husband is finding it hard to adjust to the 'new' more confident, motivated and happy me!"


"I was suffering from persistent stress related headaches. Solution Focused hypnotherapy helped me to take control of my response to the headaches and rationalise them. It gave me the confidence to find solutions within myself. I also found the sessions to be calm and informative."


"The hypnotherapy has enabled me to look forward in a positive way and in doing so has restored my confidence considerably. Family and friends have commented enthusiastically on the changes that they can see in me since the therapy began. I was put off by what I had seen on TV.... Be assured, it's not the same!"


"Our sessions were so enjoyable and relaxing and I've finally managed to break my long term habit of teeth-grinding. Solution focused techniques have also given me the tools to stop the habit returning in the future."