I've been offering webcam/remote sessions for many years now. They are perfect for clients who can’t make it here in person or who just feel that it would be the most valuable use of their time. Since the pandemic they have become a common extension to the therapy room.


I might see clients who prefer our 'Solution Focused' Hypnotherapy approach but live some distance away from my therapy room; in other counties, countries or continents. This technology enables anyone with access to a computer to enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy, from anywhere in the world. Geographical restrictions are a thing of the past and we welcome all national and international enquiries.

I find that remote clients respond particularly well during trance due to their familiar, comfortable surroundings. After their hypnosis trance session they have the option to continue that feeling of calm, peaceful clarity.



"I'm now keen to participate in all kinds of social events that previously would have caused me to be nervous. I would recommend Solution Focused hypnotherapy because it benefited me immensely.


The only downside of the experience is that my husband is finding it hard to adjust to the 'new' more confident, motivated and happy me!"